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What You Should Know About Signs of Blocked Drains and How to Clean


Among all the reasons for calling a plumber, one of the most common reasons is the blocked drains. From the foul smell to water that will not drain, the blocked sinks are the main causes of a professional emergency call. When the issues get worse, life becomes hectic. If you suspect blocked drains, the good news is that you can clean them with DIY remedies. However, if the situation worsens, it is better to hire an experienced plumber who will provide the given services. 

Various signs of a blocked drain-

How Do You Know That There Is A Blocked Drain? What Are The Signs? Check Out the Points Below-

  1. Foul smell: The first sign you might notice is the unusual smell. Most of the time, you will get a sewage-like smell, and you might think it is coming from the bathroom, and someone has forgotten to flush. 
  2. Overflowing– you are quite accustomed to the fact that everything flows down to the drain. Hence, it is quite alarming to see that water is spilling up from the sink. If the drain is overflowing, this means that you are facing a blockage. 
  3. Gurgling sounds– the gurgling sound indicates that the water is pooling and pushing against the water pipe. If you are facing this, it is the case of blockage of the drain. 
  4. Slow draining– when you are emptying your sink or taking a shower, you might see slow draining through the pipe. Usually, this problem gets worse rather than getting better.

If you are facing any one of these issues, you should hire a plumber experienced in fixing blocked drains in Perth or at other locations inefficiency. 

How You Can Clear the Blocked Drains

There are plenty of DIY techniques and professional services that are useful to clear the blocked drains. Here are some of them explained-

  1. Boiling water– using boiling water is useful for clearing the blocked drains clogged by the grease, conditioners, and other types of toiletries. As these substances have very low melting points, they need extreme heat to break down. 
  2. Plungers- are a simple yet effective tool that helps in dislodging the local drain blockages. They work by forming a seal around the plughole, followed by a vacuum effect removing the blockage.
  3. Hydro jet uses the intense and sharp burst of water that helps remove the dirt particles and other debris from the pipe. Sometimes this technique is followed by the professional for removing the substances from the blocked drains. 
  4. Pipe relining- is one of the effective ways to remove the blockage from the drains. Pipe relining is very effective and the best alternative to the full pipe replacement. 

No matter what type of drain blockage you encounter, it is very important to check the current situation, do not delay, and hire a professional who will come and will clear the blocked drains of your house.  You should choose the company that has a good reputation among the clients and offer reasonable rates. 

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