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Few Things to Avoid If You Do Not Want Blocked Drains


You might be abusing your plumbing system without thinking that your drains are filled with items that are the reasons behind the clogged drains. There are few things that we use regularly or throw out as garbage can generally block the drains and cause the pipes to overflow. 

If you know about those items that cause drains’ blockage, you will further avoid them, and your drains will not get blocked again. Here are some items that can generally block or clog your drains-

Fats, Grease Or Oils

We all know that fats, oil, and grease do not mix with water, and if they cool, they solidify and start to form barriers in the water passage. These barriers can break or split the pipes and cause a blockage. A large accumulation of oil and non-degradable waste can damage the sewage system and lead to fatbergs forming that will eventually close down the sewage treatment structure. So, as per the expert plumbers who provide the services on blocked drains in Perth suggest not to pour fats, grease, and oil in the drains. 

Egg Shells

They are difficult to break, and when they get bonded with fats, oil, and other waste food particles, they are large blockages within the drain. 


If flour gets mixed with water in the drain, it can lead to stickiness to the pipe surfaces and block drains. The flour coagulates and hardens inside the drain, which further causes blockage. 

Food Waste Products

The waste food items like rice and pasta should be thrown in the dustbin, and then they should be thrown outside as they will create a foul smell in the dustbin. Fruit skins and pits should also be avoided for throwing the drains as they take several years to decompose, and thus they will block the drains. Leftover bones should not also be thrown in the drains. Onion skins, raw meat, pumpkin, celery, dairy products, peeling, and corn husks should also be avoided as all these can lead to unpleasant smells and decomposition. 

Chewing gums

Another item that does not break down in the drainage water is the chewing gum, and this will stick inside or drain lining and get attached with other items to cause clogging of the pipes. 

Bath bombs

They might turn your simple bath into a luxurious spa session, but they cause the pipes’ blockage and trap inside the pipes. They contain oils and salts that do not dissolve in the water. 

These are some of the items you should not throw in the sewage pipes. However, it is quite normal that you might forget about their significance and throw them in a hurry. It will further lead to accumulation and blockage of the pipes. So, it is better to hire a plumber who will come to your site, check the sewage systems’ condition, provide the necessary steps, and then clean the blocked drains. They make use of modern tools and instruments that easily clear the drains and remove these items. 

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