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Creative Ways to use Subway Tiles


The classic subway tile has seen many updates or reinterpretations over the years. New and exciting subway tile designs allow you to create many different looks in the home, from elegant and classical tiling schemes to elaborately patterned flooring solutions as well as feature elements throughout your interiors with creative uses of materials, pattern, shape and colour. 

Traditionally, subway tiles have been used in the popular brick bond or stacked tile layouts and are most often seen in classically styled bathroom or kitchen designs. Most often seen in the elegant simple white colour option in the traditional simple rectangular format, subway tiles can be used to create dramatic feature throughout your home’s interiors. These simple and timeless tiles can be laid in a vast range of styles ranging from the popular herringbone tile layout to diagonal patterns and also running vertically up the walls to accentuate a space’s ceiling height. Subway tiles can be paired with a variety of different grout colour options that will emphasises the shape of each tile and create a further element of pattern and energy in a design.

Modern subway tile design are now available in an impressive range of materials and modified shapes to help you create more of a distinct look in your next design project, perfect for those looking to include that ‘something different’ in their home’s interior scheme!

Picket Style Subway Tiles

A unique interpretation of the traditional subway tile look, picket-style tiles feature an elongated shape with pointed ends on each of the shorter sides of the rectangle in place of the usual sharp 90° angles. These ends create an interlocking triangular design, introducing a wondrous show of line-work and pattern in the home that can be used to create a modern feature in the bathroom, kitchen and dining space. 

Caption: Create a unique and stylish feature element in your kitchen design or bathroom renovation project using picket style subway tiles. Taking a step away from the traditional standard rectangular shape of a subway tile, these tiles can be used to create a range of different looks: they can be laid running vertically or horizontally, and can even be used to create a ‘picket style fence’ look by running your tiles only partially up the wall.

These trending tiles can be used as a feature wall in the bathroom and shower as well as a unique kitchen splashback tile in a modern styled home. Further, emphasise their distinct shape and pattern by ending the line of tiles partway up your walls to create a line of pointed ends (or a ‘picket style’ fence look!) in your design scheme for a unique take on the traditional subway tiled wall.

Metallic and Mirror Subway Tiles

Aside from the various shapes available in subway tile collections today, there are also a range of different materials and finishes to choose from that break away from traditional looks to create something entirely new and unique. Metallic or mirror finish subway tiles for example provide the ultimate in luxury in any style of interior. These elegant tiles feature a polished metallic glaze (or in some varieties, a perfect silver or tinted mirror finish) that simply oozes luxury and refinement, making the perfect finishing touch to a luxe interior design scheme.


Caption: Elegant, luxurious and timeless, metallic or mirror finish subway tiles provide the ultimate in luxe materials for the home. These tiles can be incorporated throughout your interior design scheme and make for an excellent choice in entryways, stairwells or as a feature element in the dining or living area. 

These subway tiles not only offer a supremely elegant interior finish but also serve to add more light in a room while assisting in creating the illusion of additional space thanks to their highly reflective surface. These qualities can be especially handy in smaller spaces or darker rooms to elevate your interior scheme and brighten up your interiors. Metallic or mirror tiles can also be used to add a sense of drama and elegance to your entryway or stairwell with mirror finishes, in particular, is famously used in Coco Chanel’s own home to decorate her luxurious stairwell!

Brick-look Subway Tiles

Exposed brick interior walls instantly create a warm and welcoming vibe, looking right at home in country style, shabby chic, country-style, Scandinavian, vintage or even modern industrial themed homes. It can be quite costly and intrusive however to install an authentic exposed brick wall in an existing home. You can instead opt to use brick-look subway tiles to create that same look for a fraction of the cost of authentic brickwork while also being a much less time consuming and intrusive renovation process for the home. Unlike traditional bricks, brick-look tiles will not require maintenance or painting, allowing for a more user-friendly finish in the home that is not only restricted to use in bathrooms and kitchens but also in living spaces, dining rooms and even bedrooms to help you create a warm and rustic look. 

Caption: Brick-look subway tiles can be used in all areas of the home to recreate that same warm and comforting rustic look of an authentic exposed brick finish at a fraction of the cost. These tiles will provide a wondrously low maintenance surface finish that will never require painting, making for the perfect alternative choice to traditional brick.

Subway tiles allow for a vast range of design possibilities to be achieved in the home! These classic tiles can be laid in a range of different patterns or styles and have also been reinvented through the years to now include a range of different colours, materials, and reimagined shapes that make the humble subway tile an excellent choice for modern or classically styled interiors alike. The range of different shapes, colours and materials that are now available in modern subway tile designs allow us to create incredibly varied looks in the home while also offering an alternative option to traditional brickwork for example to help you recreate a variety of different looks.

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